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February – Have you ever seen a Boobook owl?

February has been full of wildlife as campers have enjoyed getting up close and personal with some magnificent birds of prey.  We’ve been exploring the bush at night on our Night Stalk and encountered native frogs, rabbits and a Boobook Owl (yes that really is its name) during our travels.

December – Merry Christmas from Kerem

It’s been an amazing year at Kerem.  We’ve had an amazing time hosting so many diverse groups at the camp and enjoyed every one!  Thanks to all those who have been a part of Kerem in 2018!  Have a great Christmas and onward to 2019!

November – Friends New and Old

It’s been great to have a mix of first time campers and to catch up with old friends as schools who have been coming for years return to Kerem!  We’ve also had some fantastic weekend weddings as couples embark on a life of married bliss! For more information on Farm Weddings visit

October – Moondyne Joe’s Hidden Treasure

Spring is so much fun at Kerem!  The warming weather has brought our native flowers out in full bloom.  Our re-vamped treasure hunt has been a great success as teams forage through the scrub to find Moondyne Joe’s hidden treasure, and the beautiful bush walk to Outback Splash is twice as fun knowing the water slides have re-opened!  Some lucky campers are even enjoying the water slides for free – see our Packages and Promotions details for more information and book now for next Spring.