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March – Our busiest Term 1 ever!

Term 1 has been one of our busiest ever! With back-to-back camps during the week and weddings on the weekends, we love the fact that so many people get to enjoy the grounds and activities here at Kerem. Have a relaxing and safe Easter everyone!

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February – Bushfire update

What a month! A COVID shutdown, a three day power outage and bush fires breathing down our neck have all delayed schools getting back out to Kerem. Our gratitude goes out to the courageous firefighters (many of them volunteers) who kept the recent fires a safe distance from Kerem – and our thoughts are with [...]

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January – Sunset Sessions

The High Ropes Course looks spectacular at night with our new lighting! For the first time we’ve opened for Sunset Sessions and our Guests have enjoyed the High Ropes Adventure from a whole new perspective.

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December – Merry Christmas everyone!

As the year winds up we’ve been taking the opportunity complete some all-important Team training. From the High Ropes Course to culinary skills, we’ve been covering it all! Merry Christmas everyone!

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November – What’s on the menu?

When we haven’t been busy with camps this November we’ve been refining our menu!  Summer barbecues, new desserts and even more local produce will be hitting our plates soon!

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October – Events Unlimited

October has seen back to back camps and weddings here at Kerem. We’re flat out loving the sunshine and providing great food, activities and experiences to our Guests!  An exciting new development is our arrangement with Jacqui Thompson from Weddings & Events Unlimited.  Jacqui is an experienced wedding planner who can now take care of [...]

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August – Renovations and Makeovers

What an amazing August we’ve had!  Campers are back enjoying some beautiful weather, we’ve successfully completed a major renovation on Hut 2 (which now looks amazing!) and we’ve top-soiled 2 acres of lawn with the help of some friends!  It might look like a sandpit now, but give it a month and it’ll be the [...]

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July – Ultimate Archery at Perth’s Outback Splash

July has been a great month at Kerem!  Over 160 people attended our Open Sessions at The Climb Zone, the school holidays saw our camp site packed with campers again, we’ve worked alongside Perth’s Outback Splash to provide recreational archery sessions to people of all ages and the renovations in Hut 2 are powering along!  [...]

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June – We’re Back!

The weather might be cold but at Kerem we’re just warming up!  We’ve had some big school groups through The Climb Zone in June and are looking forward to our school holiday camps.  In the meantime, we’ve gotten underway with some much needed renovation for Hut 2.

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May – No Guests but lots of Goannas.

It’s been a quiet month for camping during May, and the wildlife has taken advantage of the absence of campers.  Kangaroos are bounding through the site, rabbits are having a ball on our lush green lawn and we’ve been visited by more than one large goanna!  We can’t wait to wind camps back up again [...]

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